Online Bullies

Everyday i here about a problem with bullies. Rather we see it online, schools, at home, and so on. This is something that will never go away 100 percent, and the only thing we can do is try and stand up to raise awareness. Anytime you are going through this, i hope to see you reach out to others, and get help with the problem. Here soon you will see new podcast published on LoungingWithJohn. I ask you to contact us so we can help you. The option to come on our podcast and let others know who the bully is, and what they have been doing. A bully doesn't like being known about, and when you put there name out there for others to see, this will show them that you are not going to let them push you anymore.

If you have any suggestions for people, and what they can do to help stop the problem. Please contact us so we can put the information out to others.

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Other News

We are going to get a number you can call in to our podcast and join the show. This will give you a chance to speak out. John said he wanted to give everyone the chance to speak, and become a part of something great. "When i created this channel, and the podcast plus the pages. I did it for everyone. Sometimes people start speaking when they see there are others who are standing up with them. Now is there chance." We will have a number here soon where you can join our podcast, and call in to the lounge when we are live.

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